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About Us

AICML  is Africa's most Prestigious Management Institute primarily focusing on building capacity in General Management, Business Management and related disciplines in both Public and Private sectors.

  • AICML provides innovative, practical training skills to its clients that encourage personal and professional development.
  • AICML is renowned for its service excellence. At AICML, we celebrate every year as a year of service excellence.
  • AICML  is a private limited company operated by a team of professionals, providing quality management training, research and consultancy services in the fields of General Management, Business Management, Banking, Finance, Accountancy, Economics, Public Health, Information and Communication Technology and Human Resource Management to the Private and Public sectors.
  • AICML  is operating in Management Training and Consultancy Industry, operating both locally and internationally. It is self-sufficient in the majority training and consultancy disciplines.
  • AICML  brings together a committed consulting team that has a wealth of experience accumulated as a result of intervening in a number of organisations in different areas of management. AICML  provides employment for an average of 30 people, placing great emphasis on developing its staff and outsourced professional and experienced consultants to produce an exceptionally high standard of services.
  • AICML  is to develop competent managers through self-discovery, self-management, accountability to others, respect for Human Rights, good corporate governance and responsibility to those less fortunate.
  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Credit Management
  • Marketing Management
  • IT Management
  • Management Research

We are a professional body that promotes manager development, continuous professional development and life-long learning through our professional membership services. We offer a range of customized workshops covering all aspects of Best Management Practice. We have networking opportunities in the form of breakfast sessions or after hour’s cocktail meetings with the intention of promoting effective linkages between like-minded members.

In the 21st century all full-time employees are only three pay cheques away from poverty, retrenchment is on the increase. At the SAIM we have developed a 12 Step programme to address unemployment and for matching one’s actual and latent competencies to self-created work opportunities in order to earn a living.

You can count on AICML  Consultants to be thorough, detail oriented, and obsessed with helping you to improve your business and organizational Performance. We believe that customer satisfaction is built around mutual trust and information sharing.

Our Mission
To provide professional and quality management training, research and consultancy services that tap into trends and issues relevant to Africa's private and public sectors.

Our Vision
To Be a one stop centre for Management Training and Consultancy in Africa and Beyond.

Course and programme finder

We offer professional courses that help take your career to the next level through management training that cover every aspect of organizational enhancement and career development.
We design and deliver a solution that suits your specific needs and requirements.

Our Core Values
We have core values that we believe are paramount to success in any endeavor:

  • Customer Relationships: our customers' success is ultimately our success, too.
  • Integrity: being honest even when it may hinder our cause.
  • Leadership: aligning with strong leaders to lead the businesses of the future.
  • Teamwork: accomplishing great things requires great teamwork.


The difference we make

We at AICML  blend the true African principles of management (kinship, chameleon, the principle of age, Timelessness, ndaba/consulting, nepotism," homeboy", futurefavor,rules/exceptions) with the modern principles of management such that we can offer an exotic management solution that ultimately addresses the management problems of your Organization.

Our Philosophy
 We have been able to thrive and diligently satisfy our clients and keep a natural smile on their faces because of or company philosophy which is based on three pillars. That is, Clients, Service Quality, and honesty and integrity.

  • Clients
    Our client is the reason we exist. Our first responsibility is to guarantee maximum client satisfaction through value added services. Where we believe we cannot be able to add any value we decline and definitely we do not waste clients time.
  • Service and Quality

Our basic business strategy is to take our time to clearly identify, understand and address the needs and wants of our clients. To us, top quality means giving our clients more than they expect and to continuously improve and bench mark with the best in the world.

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Our dealings and our services are timely. We value our reputation, and through our actions, we strive to treat others, as we would like to be treated.

Some fifty years ago in 1958, a successful businessman, Mr. Harold Morcombe (1915-2006) struggled to save three Cape Town manufacturing companies from bankruptcy. He identified the root cause of the problem, namely ‘management incompetence’ at both first-line and middle management levels which was endemic throughout all three companies.

Unable to identify any suitable local management training courses aimed at ‘practicing’ managers, he decided to set up a non-racial, not-for-profit, organization based upon the same principles adopted by the Institute of Management (UK), now the Chartered Management Institute.
Together with the three founding business CEO’s—they collectively donated £5000.00 out of their own pockets to start the enterprise—and hence the AICML was born.

The AICML was conceived primarily as an Examining Body responsible for defining the format, content and standards of AICML manager-development programmes—the conduct of National Examinations—the award of Certificates and Diplomas to students who have successfully passed the AICML examinations.

Tuition was to be delivered through approved educational providers in both the public and private sector. It was strongly felt by Mr. Morcombe that students should be able to prepare for the AICML examinations in accordance with their preferred mode of learning and circumstances, i.e. self study, correspondence or face-to-face tuition. Furthermore, Mr. Morcombe whose great role model was the great ‘self-taught’ US business steel magnate and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, started work at 16. He acquired all his business management knowledge through part-time night school study and life-long ‘practical’ work experience. He was adamant that no student who desired to better him or herself should be prevented from enrolling on AICML programmes solely through lack of formal educational qualifications.

In the 1980’s the AICML formed Membership Services that represented a broad diversity of business managers providing opportunity for networking and business development in all spheres of business. Members are encouraged to meet, listen and discuss matters of topical interest and spend time with their fellow members to share ideas, experiences, problems and insights.

This, inevitably led to the formation of the Foundation in 1987 as the outreach foundation to uplift governance of rural schools. It expanded in 1993 to also include projects of life-skills and business skills in support of Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET). In 2002 projects to address the needs of the unemployed and HIV/AIDS awareness were conceived.

"Man is not an island" would be a good phrase to sum up partnerships. It is impossible to know everything about everything so we partner with the best in the areas we don't have expertise.
Our partners not only cover subject matters we may not have the requisite knowledge to consult with you, but they also cover geographic "holes" in our territories.

Our Approach
Prior to engaginginany business-consulting endeavor,weenterconfidentiality agreement with our client to ensure our dealings stay between us.

The next step is to conduct a problem analysis, training needs assessment or a simple organizational assessment and gauging competitive intelligence depending on the nature and scope of the assignment to determine the current situation in the organization. An accurate inventory of your strengths and weaknesses helps us to achieve your goals and address your expectations effectively and efficiently.

We then work with key staff to determine an appropriate strategy to pursue to achieve the set targets basing on the established criteria. Our endeavor may take several paths, which will vary from case to case although we believe in following accepted best practices regard less of the methodologies in order to minimize risks.
For organizational change and Institutional Development we apply a strategic systems perspective through the examination of all key linkages in the organization line with new thinking on organizational grow than development.

As Management Consultants, we work with the client to develop customized solutions to strategic challenges. Therefore, in every assignment we are keen to work together with key stakeholders so as to provide high quality services.

At AICML , our relationship does not only stop at the completion of an assignment, but we continue supporting your staff at no price in terms of coaching and mentoring as well as tracing performance based on the agreed outcomes and objectives of a given assignment.


URGENT INFORMATION: This is to inform the general public that venue for the 2018 induction ceremony has been changed from the Novella Planet Hotel, Port Novo, Republic of Benin to LTV hall.  The new venue for the induction ceremony of our prestigious and reputable international professional bodies shall be Lagos State Television Combo Hall, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.  

Time :  12 Noon.     
Date :  May 12th,  2018.  Your presence would be highly appreciated sir/ma.