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Gateway & Portfolio

The employer will make the decision as to when the apprentice is ready, based on their being competent and performing in their role. This decision will be supported by input from the training provider. Where AICML is conducting the End Point Assessment the employer and training provider must confirm this on AICML’s online gateway system.

Formative on-programme assessment must take place to demonstrate learning and development activities and their application in the workplace. Apprentices must be assessed whilst undertaking work-based activities and the outcome of assessment recorded. Methods used to assess the apprentice must be valid and reliable, and allow for the generation of evidence which is sufficient to make judgments about the apprentice’s level of knowledge and understanding, skills and competencies.

The assessments will result in a portfolio of evidence that must contain evidence of the knowledge and understanding, skills and behaviours that the apprentice has acquired and the application of these. It will demonstrate their very best work, evidencing the apprentices’ achievements and capabilities and where they may have exceeded the requirements of the role. The portfolio should enable the apprentice to demonstrate how they have applied their knowledge and understanding, skills and behaviours in a real work environment to achieve real work objectives. The portfolio must demonstrate evidence against the Standard, and will support the attainment of Chartered Manager status (where applicable).

Evidence of on-programme assessment must be collated in a portfolio of evidence.

The portfolio will be expected to contain evidence of the application of knowledge and demonstration of skills and behaviours relating to
•    leading and management
•    managing people
•    building relationships
•    communication
•    operational management
•    project management
•    being agile
•    finance
•    self-awareness
•    management of self and decision making
•    taking responsibility
•    inclusivity
•    professionalism

Evidence is not prescribed and could include
•    assignments
•    reports
•    practical exercises
•    projects
•    minutes
•    appraisals against performance objectives
•    plans
•    customer comments
•    records of observation of performance and professional discussions
•    personal reflective log
•    feedback on behaviours via contact with others
•    team work - manager’s report
•    emails
•    peer review

The portfolio must however include evidence of:
A.    Regular reviews of performance between the apprentice and line manager
B.    Feedback from line manager, peers and direct reports
C.    A Continual Professional Development (CPD) Log

A. Regular reviews of performance between the apprentice and line manager

Regular reviews between the line manager and apprentice must take place and records of these retained. These reviews should include the apprentice’s progress towards activities that contribute towards the apprenticeship, and ensure that the apprentice is being given the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in the workplace. These records must be made available as part of the portfolio.

B. Feedback from line manager, peers and direct reports

Feedback should be obtained on the apprentice’s performance, including 180 degree or 360 degree feedback from managers, peers and direct reports. 360-degree feedback is where raters include people at all levels of relationship with the apprentice, i.e. bosses, peers/colleagues, as well as direct reports. 180-degree feedback is where raters are at the same level as the apprentice (peers or colleagues), and the person the apprentice reports to. This exercise should be conducted sensitively and input should be anonymous to the apprentice where possible. The outcome of this exercise should be discussed with the apprentice to allow opportunities for further development based upon this feedback. This may be in the form of an action plan or included in a personal development log (see below). Evidence of this process must be included in the portfolio of evidence.

C. A Continual Professional Development Log

The portfolio must contain evidence of CPD, training and personal development activities and how learning was applied to the role and workplace. This can include all training and development undertaken as part of the apprenticeship. A personal development log should be maintained and made available as part of the portfolio. This will form part of a professional discussion with the independent assessor as part of the end-point assessment.
All evidence contained within the portfolio must relate to that produced by the apprentice. A declaration of authenticity should be included.


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